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External washing of residential, commercial and industrial properties. From roof to driveway, we offer expert pressure cleaning services in Wide Bay-Burnett region. Call Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning today!

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Pressure Cleaning Bundaberg

Our team are pressure washing experts

We provide high-quality soft wash and pressure cleaning Bundaberg residents come back for time and again. No exterior cleaning job is too big or too small. We have innovative equipment and apply industry-leading pressure washing methods to ensure the excellent outcomes for every surface. We cater to residential and commercial projects of any size – no job is too big or too small!

Pressure Washing West Bundaberg
Front Porch External House Washing

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We aim for complete customer satisfaction in our work – we aim to consistently deliver the best pressure cleaning Bundaberg has to offer. We deliver great value for money pressure cleaning services. No other pressure washing company in Bundaberg does as good a job and takes as much care of your home as Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning! We guarantee you will love the results we achieve.

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Our Professional Pressure Cleaning Services

House Cleaning in Bundaberg

At Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning, we offer an expert roof-to-ground house washing service all over Wide Bay-Burnett. Whether you’re after soft wash or high pressure washing, we’ll make your home the the jewel of your street!

Many homeowners would love to have their property spotless and thoroughly clean but they often don’t have time or the equipment. They also realise there are potential risks when washing rooves or gutters.

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning is here to work for you. Our team of outside house washing specialists will give your home a fresh new look, no matter how big or small.

Our residential pressure washing services are top-quality. We always aim to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

You can see the amazing home beneath, from gutter to ground.

Deck Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Eliminating years-old layers of dust and grime from decks, fences, and retaining walls is a great way to comprehensevely clean your home and give it a makeover without havign to pay for a new paint job.

Professional washing of your outdoor areas will make your house look spotless. It also prevents ‘sticky’ grime and mould buildup over time. Mould is a serious health hazard and pressure cleaning is an effective way to get rid of it.

Getting rid of mould and dirt buildup in your entertainment spaces means your visitors and family can enjoy them.

External pressure washing concrete staircase before and after

Are you looking to put your house on the market?

Any real estate expert will tell you that it is easier to upsell to potential buyers and get the best possible offers for a freshly-cleaned house.

However, you don’t have to spend a lot on renovating and painting. Pressure cleaning done by a trained specialist can achieve great outcomes for a fraction of the cost.

You don’t have to worry about buying chemicals and equipment that won’t work. That’s our job! We can handle all of that.

Sparkling clean homes will no doubt attract more tenants and potential buyers who may be willing to offer more – compared to a dirty place.

Cleaning your Bundaberg house

Our services are safe and effective. We will restore your home’s outside area to its former glory. Our exterior cleaning service promptly adds value to your property by rejuvenating its external beauty without having to repaint. We offer house cleaning services in the Wide Bay-Burnett area, no matter what part you live in.

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning can do a great job on any type of house exterior: timber, brick, cladding, concrete etc. If you are uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation-free enquiry.

Areas we cover

We offer the best pressure washing solutions in Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett, including:

Bundaberg Driveway Cleaning

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning is a small local business that offers expert driveway cleaning all over Wide Bay-Burnett. We have a lot of experience in high pressure cleaning and have a great reputation for delivering driveway cleaning that is high-quality, reliable and affordable.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer excellent quality, comprehensive services at very affordable rates.

Our trained team is able to wash a variety of driveway surfaces due to our diverse range of equipment, tools and products. This includes concrete, tiled, exposed and paved surfaces as well as stamped and stencilled surfaces. We can get rid of stubborn stains, mould, grime, grease and gum from all surfaces.

has the right skills and equipment to pressure clean concrete driveways, including those that are paved, stencilled or stamped. Our team has access to a different cleaning tools and equipment that enables us to provide you with flawless outcomes every time. The driveway will be cleaned by our expert cleaners, which will make it look brand-new and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Traditional Bundaberg House External Areas

It’s very unlikely that you will be able to get the same results if you try to pressure clean your driveway by yourself. Our pressure washing specialists have the correct equipment, experience and training needed to efficiently clean any driveway surfaces.

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning can help you to make an impression on your home or workplace by cleaning your driveway. In no time, our expert driveway cleaners in Bundaberg can restore your parking lot to its former glory. For more details, or to receive an obligation-free estimate, give us a call.

Roof Washing Bundaberg

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning is your Wide Bay-Burnett roof cleaning washing professionals. Wide Bay-Burnett houses are regularly exposed to extreme elements like extremely hot sunshine, strong winds, heavy rainfall, wildlife droppings, road dust and more. Grime, droppings and dirt that remain on the roof for years can lead to unwelcome surprise such as mould, mildew and moss. Out of control growth can cause damage such as cracks forming and leading to leaks or missing tiles.

If your roof is left unwashed for too long, it will ultimately require a total restoration or rebuild. Needless to say that a new roof comes at a big cost. This is why the old saying, prevention is the best cure also applies to homeowners. You won’t regret extending the life of your roof with professional soft wash cleaning once a year.

Aluminum Roof Pressure Cleaning Before Vs After

When you are working at great heights, it is important to keep safe – that’s why we recommend roof cleaning to be done by those with the appropriate safety gear and training. The risks implications of DIY roof cleaning are significant. You may slip or fall while attempting to wash your roof, leading to serious injury and/or property damage. Without the right equipment, roofs should be a NO-GO zone.

In short, you and your property could be at great risk if you don’t have the necessary devices. Hire a fully insured and well-trained professional to wash your roof – instead of taking on an extraordinary level of risk.

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning provides the most affordable roof cleaning services in Bundaberg. Roof cleaning technicians at Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning are friendly, reliable and have many years of experience.

We strive to be the best in what we do and provide great customer service as a fast growing company. People spend hours cleaning, renovating, and maintaining their property all year, but many neglect to clean their roof. Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning is Wide Bay-Burnett‘s top roof cleaner. You are improving your home’s exterior look and increasing your roof’s life span. This can save you thousands in costly future repairs.

Deck Cleaning Bundaberg

An outside deck is a great way to make the most of the amazing weather in Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett region. Decks are great additions to living areas and are used to entertain visitors, unwind or have outdoor drinks. Like any other part of a house, they can decline over time and they do need constant maintenance. Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning is your go-to business for deck cleaning in the Wide Bay-Burnett.

The sometimes harsh Wide Bay-Burnett weather can cause damage to timber decks as well as the wood coatings. It is highly recommended to keep your deck oiled and cleaned on a regular schedule. Proper maintenance and sealing of your deck are essential aspects of your regular TLC (tender, love, care).

External power washing Bundaberg Central

Unmaintained timber decks quickly turn grey-ish in colour because of the high levels of ultraviolet light (UVL) dirt, mould, and algae growth. The timberwood deck will dry out and splinter, making it more attractive to mould and dirt. The surface is likely to to rot.

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning will make your deck look brand new with our deep-clean and maintenance services covering Wide Bay-Burnett. We guarantee top quality results.

Before any deck sealing, it is important to prepare the surface by clearing it. This will ensure the proper adhesion of any coating. Pressure cleaning is the best way to achieve that outcome.

It is a must to rid the wood of dirt and grime. It can be difficult to DIY timber pressure cleaning, even for experienced homeowners.

Bundaberg Gutter Cleaning

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning is a family-run exterior cleaning business that is committed to offering excellent gutter cleaning service to the people of Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett.

We can handle any work, big or small. Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning has gutter cleaning experts that are well-equipped and comprehensively trained to wash all sizes and types of rooves. We can handle any type of material, large or small. We have the necessary equipment for any height.

Our streamlined gutter cleaning service in Bundaberg makes it easy to get your gutters cleaned and cleared in no time. We will get rid of all debris, leaves, animal poop, insects, and obstructions to make sure your gutters do their job.

You will be extremely happy with the excellent service and workmanship we provide when you hire our services. You can extend the lifespan of your gutters by avoiding damage and nasty leaks.

Many of our clients are time poor and need a reliable, fast high pressure cleaning service. We know that our clients need a quick hands off type of service.

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concrete floor sanitation pressure cleaning

Sanitation Washing Bundaberg

No one wants their home, office, or business to be affected by flooding, mould, sewage leaks, but that is often the reality of life in Wide Bay-Burnett. After this type of event, hygiene and contamination risks become a major threat. Targeted sanitation cleaning can remove such risks. Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning can assist you no matter the circumstances. There are many reasons your Bundaberg home might need to be sanitised.

We now know that Covid-19 has been a major problem for homes and businesses that have been exposed to the virus in Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett. Sanitation washing can deliver extra peace of mind to you.

This service is the most effective, fastest service to prevent contamination or simply to deep clean up your Bundaberg place.

Bundaberg Pressure Cleaning provides sanitation cleaning services to protect your business and homes from potential infection or disease by invisible microorganisms.

We offer the best sanitation cleaning service in Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett. To get a free quote, give us a call today or fill out our online inquiry form.

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