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We know Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett. We know driveways. Let us help you keep the external areas of your house clean and welcoming.

The Best Driveway Pressure Washing Service In Wide Bay-Burnett

Pressure Cleaning Bundaberg guarantees that you will love our results!

It is an essential evil to clean your driveway. It is tedious, dirty, and time-consuming. Pressure Cleaning Bundaberg can make it easier! Everything will be taken care of by our experienced team, starting with the initial assessment and ending with the cleanup. It will be easy for you to relax and enjoy your driveway clean!

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Why driveway cleaning in Bundaberg

Improved Street Appeal of Your Home Exterior

You can increase your curb appeal by sealing and cleaning the driveway.

Clean driveways with asphalt or concrete sealer will make your house look great and bring it closer to its full potential.

Sanitation Cleaning Bundaberg

Adds value to your home

A clean driveway is worth more to a house than you might think. This applies to both prospective buyers and real estate agents. Real estate agents often recommend that homeowners clean their home before they sell it to maximize its appeal.

It’s the same thing for driveway cleaning. A clean driveway will improve the curb appeal of your home and make it more attractive to tenants or buyers. It can also increase your chances for a quick sale or rental.

Keep Your Outdoor Living Area Hygenic

You can see the dirt, dirt, and mould buildup on your driveway over time. It makes your exterior look dirty and more vulnerable to potential damage.

Our Bundaberg driveway cleaners will take great care to clean every surface of your home.

Save Yourself Time and Serious Elbow Grease

There are many ways to do driveway cleaning yourself. It will be time-consuming and can result in property damage and bodily injury.

Our high-pressure cleaning equipment Bundaberg is backed by a team skilled professionals who will save you time.

Our driveway cleaning machine can remove dirt and grime in just minutes. We will spray your driveway using a biodegradable detergent and clean it without damaging it.

Maximize the Lifespan of Your Driveway

You want to increase the lifespan of your driveway and patio. Driveway cleaning and sealing is the way to go! Our specially-formulated cleaning solutions are made to remove 100% of dirt and stains from your paved surface.

Our Bundaberg driveway washing service can make sure that your driveway lasts a lot longer by cleaning out all the dirt and grime.

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Bundaberg pressure cleaner using pressure washing equipment

Types of Driveway Surfaces We Can Clean in Bundaberg

Pressure Cleaning Bundaberg is the leading professional driveway cleaning company in Wide Bay-Burnett. We have extensive experience in residential, commercial and corporate cleaning. This means that we can perform excellent jobs on all kinds of driveways.


Concrete driveways are initially a light gray colour. As they age, dirt and stains can make concrete driveways look darker and more dingy.

The smooth concrete finish makes this driveway surface slippery, making it stand out.

The concrete can be cleaned with high pressure using our concrete cleaning method.

Exposed Aggregate

These grey driveways are great for homes that have modern or contemporary architecture. However, they are vulnerable to dirt and mildew because of the exposed aggregate surface.

After some good cleaning, the driveway is looking new again. Its dark grey exposed aggregate blends with the lighter grey exterior to create a seamless appearance.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers, just like concrete can become mouldy and mossy over time. They don’t need to be sealed to keep them clean and fresh.

These pavers are stunning after a good clean. They looked amazing after the high-pressure wash had removed yellow moss.

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Our Driveway Cleaning Services Bundaberg

If you hire our team to clean your driveway in Bundaberg, they will offer the following services.

Assessment and Pre-clean

This assessment is the first step in our driveway-cleaning process in Bundaberg. This allows us the ability to determine the right method and chemicals to use on your driveway.

We assess your driveway and determine its type. This allows us to decide which cleaning method is best. Most cases, this can be done online via Google Earth plus the information provided.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning Elliott Heads

After an evaluation of your driveway and discussing all your requirements, our team will apply the degreaser to clean up any oil, grease or dirt on your driveway. This organic compound is eco-friendly.

Commercial Pressure Washing

High-Pressure Cleaning and Powerwashing

Our powerful cleaning machine can get rid of slime and dirt from driveways, patios or footpaths. We also use degreasers to ensure the best result.

Our cleaner and fan can clean your driveway of dirt, dust, and other stains, without damaging the paved surface. This will make your driveway safe and clean.

Protective Driveway Sealing

The factory-recommended sealants are used in our sealing process to protect your driveway for many years.

We will match the color of your driveway with the sealant we use. It will also depend on weather conditions.

Our sealant is long-lasting and won’t leave dirt, filth or staining on your driveway.

Other pressure washing services we offer in the Bundaberg and surrounds, include:

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Why should you hire Pressure Cleaning Bundaberg to deep-clean your driveway in Wide Bay-Burnett?


Pressure Cleaning Bundaberg has over 10 years of professional driveway cleaning experience. It is family-owned and operated by a family. Our outstanding reputation has earned us a great reputation in Wide Bay-Burnett. We offer everything from pressure cleaning exteriors to washing windows.

Driveway cleaning and pressure washing


Potential buyers and tenants only have one chance to make a first impression. It is important that potential buyers and tenants notice the property’s professional appearance as well as its cleanliness from the first moment they visit it. Our driveway cleaning Bundaberg service will grab their attention right away. We are highly recommended.

Affordable Price

We are not simply another Bundaberg business. We are part in the community. Our drive cleaning services are affordable regardless of whether it’s one property or hundreds.

Licences and Fully Insured Team

Safety is our top priority. We only hire trustworthy, insured professionals to do our job. Our workers are fully qualified and licensed to do their jobs safely according to Australian codes.

We Work Around You

We are always available. We are available whenever you need us. Just contact us for a complimentary quote. Our Bundaberg pressure cleaning team will be in touch with you shortly to provide you with a quotation.

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Mould and sanitation cleaning with a pressure washer

Areas We Cover

We provide pressure cleaning services in Bundaberg and Wide Bay-Burnett including: